48 Bed Household Model of Care Scheme, Chippenham

NorthStar has designed a new 48 bed care home in Chippenham for Pilgrim’s Friend Society. This is the first project in a programme which will see much of the Society’s stock improved or re-provided across the whole of their estate across the UK.

The Christian charity undertook significant research and studied examples of elderly and dementia care best practice to make sure that their re-provisioning programme would offer best in class accommodation. We therefore designed these units in such a way that they would evoke memories of home and familiar settings.  By providing visual clues and clear lines of sight at key areas the layout helps residents with ‘wayfinding’ around the building. The greatest design challenge we faced was reconciling the desire for small, familial, domestic scale units with the need for easy access to the large communal areas used for activities and daily devotions.  We then had to add an additional layer of circulation for back of house servicing so that staff could move freely from one ‘household’ to the next without going through another ‘household’.

  • Client: Pilgrim’s Friend Society