NADINE'S ROLE: Nadine offers professional interior design advice to all our clients. Working with clients from the conceptual stage until final commission she helps ensure that projects are delivered with appropriate design considerations, within legislative requirements and to budget. The support and care of the elderly and vulnerable requires interior design considerations to be first and foremost based on comfort and safety. This is where Nadine offers her experience and knowledge. Having worked on many care home projects she has the experience to create beautiful interiors that are both stylish and practical whilst being appropriate to the demands of clients. SHE GOT HER START: Nadine has worked in the Interior Design business for some 20 years. She started her career in London with one of the top design houses and later took over the family design business, running this as director/designer since 2002. She has a broad portfolio comprising both private and commercial projects. In recent years however she has concentrated more on commercial projects, and has advised on a great number of care homes.

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