JIM’S ROLE: Jim advises on all matters relating to trees and woodland where the presence of TPO’s and other restrictions can often curtail development or otherwise blight attractive care home site. His long experience of woodland management and the practicalities of tree care, plus his background interest in civil engineering (working on quarries) and mechanical engineering (original career path) all help him to advise on practical solutions to balance the many competing constraints of the development world. HE GOT HIS START : Jim left an undergraduate apprenticeship in aeronautical engineering in 1977, deciding that thermodynamics and statistics were too heavy straight after school.   He changed career paths and worked as a tree surgeon in Scotland then studied Forestry at Aberdeen University from which he graduated in 1983 with a BSc 1st Class Honours in Forestry.  He was then recruited by Unilever to establish teak plantations in the Solomon Islands (south of Papua New Guinea).  Returning to Worcestershire in 1984 he set himself up as a freelance forestry manager and tree surgeon.  As the years progressed he moved into woodland management and tree consultancy, becoming a Chartered Forester in 1986. Lowland forestry became less profitable for owners and advisers in the 1990s, so Jim spent less time on woodland management, with more emphasis on arboricultural consultancy:  becoming a Fellow of the Arboricultural Association in 1995 and an AA Registered Consultant in 2004.  As a progression of this arboricultural expertise, he became a Tree Preservation Order Appeals Inspector in 2000, first for DCLG and currently for PINS.

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